Why do you need to safely eject the USB?

  1. Avoid abrupt ejection of the USB even when it is not in active use

You should avoid abruptly unplugging the USB while it is reading/writing information or even when it’s not in active use as this may corrupt some data stored on it. As already explained that write caching doesn’t write the data immediately and while the system waits for the requests, some of the information is stored in the system’s RAM. Abruptly removing the USB may corrupt the data. Furthermore, when the USB is safely ejected, then it notifies the Operating System that the USB is being removed and to take the appropriate action. For instance, if the transfer of files is not complete, then it notifies the user about it.

  1. Enable write caching

In Windows, write caching is disabled by default. The advantage of this feature is that it adds an extra layer of security when users abruptly remove the USB. Moreover, abruptly ejecting the USB may change the pointers and file size; therefore, proper ejection of USB should be followed.

You can enable write caching in Windows Operating System. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel, select Device Manager and select the USB drive
  2. Right-click on it, select Properties and click Policies tab, select Better performance option and enable write caching on the device

select the USB driveselect the USB drive

Figure 1.2 illustrates to select the USB drive

choose enable write cachingchoose enable write caching

Figure 1.3 illustrates to choose to enable write caching

Next time while removing the USB you have to ensure that you eject via clicking the safely eject the hardware icon.

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