SCIEX Debuts Breakthrough Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry Technology at ASMS 2019

a global leader in life science analytical technologies, introduces
Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry (AEMS) technology, a milestone for
the future of high-throughput quantification, at ASMS 2019. AEMS
technology, incorporating the Open Port Interface (OPI) and Acoustic
Droplet Ejection (ADE), has received unprecedented enthusiasm from
collaborators, leading SCIEX to introduce the technology ahead of
commercialization. SCIEX intends to bring the technology to market as
Echo MS.

Upon commercialization, Echo MS has the potential to redefine current
and future laboratory workflows in Pharma ADME, synthetic biology, food
testing and clinical research, opening a new frontier in contactless
sampling and delivering rich data sets. In early testing, AEMS
technology has shown the potential to reduce screening times, from 115
days to 4 days for 1 million compounds.

Additional achievements of AEMS technology include:

  • Up to 50x faster sample analysis, delivering rich data sets and
    reducing the risk of missing lead compounds
  • Accelerated speed of analysis, capable of up to 3 samples per second
    – 180 samples/min, 11,000 samples/hour, 260,000 samples/day
  • Low CV’s quantification (5–8%) , leading to high
    reproducibility regardless of the matrix
  • Sample analysis direct from the plate – no LC required,
    eliminating carry over and errors

“This latest achievement is truly an innovation for the industry. AEMS
technology demonstrates how we have once again pushed the boundaries of
what is possible in quantification, to enable our customers to maximize
their workflows and analyze samples faster than ever before,” says
Dominic Gostick, Vice President and General Manager, LC-MS, SCIEX.

AEMS technology is a breakthrough conceived by the Open Innovation
Project, a collaboration between SCIEX and The Department of Energy’s
Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Led by industry pioneer and SCIEX
Principal Research Scientist, Tom Covey, the Open Innovation Project
developed the OPI, a key part of AEMS technology.

For an exclusive view of the technology behind Echo MS, visit the SCIEX
Hospitality Suite at ASMS
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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